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die-rote-hexeA frightful time of the year, my pretty!  Be sure your parties and Halloween evening dining is at its scariest with spooktacular catering from Vin Goat. Give us a call at (949) 673-2200 to place your order.

Please allow at least 48 hours notice.

Halloween Menu

Eerie Eats & Bites

(Each Bite Item Minimum Order 24)

Three Little Devils [Deviled Eggs 3 Ways]
Assortment of deviled eggs with 3 different Autumn themed fillings

Fang-tastic Arancini [Arancini with house marinara]

Gobblin Skewers [Roasted mixed root vegetable skewers with bagua cauda sauce]

Creepy Crostini [Crostini Station]
Delicious assortment of 3 spooky spreads and paired with artisan breads and crackers

Witches Brew and Green Things

Bubbling Cauldron of Eye of Newt Soup [Albondigas Soup] | Min. 6 QT (serves 20-24)
Our take on the classic Mexican meatball soup

Chili from the Edge of Hell [Chili with Meat] | Min. 6 QT (serves 20-24)

Monster Mash [Vegetarian Chili] | Min. 6 QT (serves 20-24)

Scythed Spinach Salad [Vin Goat Salad] | (serves min. 20)
Baby spinach, chevre, dried cranberries, candied pecans, red onion & pickled cherries in a pear balsamic vinaigrette

Sinister Salad [Autumn Salad] | (serves min. 20)
Salad greens with apple, pear, fig, honeyed almonds, tossed with light balsamic vinaigrette

Main Courses

Ogre’s Eyeball Sliders [Meat Ball Sliders] | (min. order 36)

Hauntingly Delicious Sandwiches [Assorted Mini-Sandwiches | (min. order 36)

Spooktacular Mac & Cheese [Cheesemonger’s Mac & Cheese] | (min. serves 20-24)
Vin Goat’s signature Mac & Cheese rich and creamy with a lots of artisan cheese and a sprinkling of bacon

Ghostly Goo Fondue [Cheese Fondue] | (min. serves 10)
We provide grated cheese, recipe and all the fixings – you provide the fondue pot and prepare for serving

Wicked Treats from the Crypt

Creepy Crawly Bars [S’mores Bars] | (min. order 24)

Black Cat Brownies [Signature Chocolate Brownies] | (min. order 24)

Halloween Whoopie Pies | (min. order 24)

Spirited Monster Eyes [Bowl of Caramel Popcorn]

Gruesome Ghouls [Mini Caramel Popcorn Balls] | (min. order 36)

Night of Horror Cookies [Chocolate Chip Cookies] | (min. order 24)

Hocus Pocus Cookies [Peanut Butter Cookies] | (min. order 24)

Graveyard Chocolate Cake [Chocolate layer (9-inch) cake with caramel buttercream frosting]

Sample Menus



Halloween Party

Bubbling Cauldron of Eye of Newt Soup [Albondigas Soup]

3 Little Devils [Deviled Eggs 3 Ways]

Gobblin Skewers [Roasted Root Vegetable Skewers]

Fang-tastic Arancini [Arancini with house marinara]

Creepy Crostini with 3 spooky spreads

Terrifying Treats
Bowl of caramel popcorn, selection of brownies, bars, and cookies



Trick or Treat Evening Dinner

Chili From The Edge of Hell [Chili with Meat]

Hauntingly Delicious Sandwiches [Assorted Mini-Sandwiches]

Spooktacular Mac & Cheese [Cheesemonger’s Artisan Mac & Cheese]

Sinister Salad [Autumn Salad of greens, pear, apple, honeyed almonds]

Terrifying Treats
Graveyard chocolate cake, caramel popcorn balls, S’mores bars, selection of cookies

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